With experience Coast to Coast, at Global Coatings there's
"No Job Too Small"!

Global Coatings LLC

We here at Global Coatings take pride not just in our work as Kitsap Counties premier Blasters and Coaters, but as Washingtonians as well. We will always take time to work with locals and their businesses to give you a personal, warm and genuine experience every time ! We don't just care about costs and image, we care about doing the best job we can and making you not just a proud customer, but a part of our growing family of clients, vendors and employees!

Mark M McCalman

President & Founder


Mark has been doing Coating, Painting and Blasting for over 30 years, in every climate and location you can imagine. Coast to Coast, Marks invaluable experience, pride in his work and amazing attitude have allowed him to not only open and operate Global Coatings LLC, but lead it to growth and prosperity.

Sean D Heisley

Estimator & Account Manager


Sean is proud & happy to be involved with Global Coatings. Sean has over 20 Years experience in the Blasting and Coating field, he's always happy and willing to work with anyone on getting the lowest price for your projects.

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